Robert Furrow

Senior Pastor

As the senior and teaching Pastor of Calvary Tucson, Robert is committed to the study of the Word and maintaining a close walk with God as he serves and shepherds the church.

In early childhood, Robert had aspirations to become a pastor. This desire was either the product of his love for God or his perception that pastors worked only one day a week (he was to be in for a somewhat of a rude awakening!). When a youth leader challenged him on faith in Christ, Robert received Jesus became born again.

After high school, Robert returned to church and recommitted his life to Christ after a year of living his own way. It was after this recommitment that a vibrant passionate new believer named Lisa caught his eye. They were soon married. Together they attended and Robert served at Calvary Albuquerque as a youth pastor. Then, in 1985, Robert and Lisa moved with their young daughter to Tucson, Arizona to teach a small bible study. Within a year, the church had grown and the ministry of Calvary Tucson continues today.

Lisa Furrow was the driving force of many ministries at Calvary Tucson. In addition to leading women’s bible studies, she cast the vision for Practical Christian Living Foundation raising thousands to build wells for fresh water in Asia, aiding an orphanage in Mexico and helping the chronically ill in Tucson. After almost 30 years of marriage and a one year battle with stage 4 lung cancer, on December 15, 2012, Robert said goodbye as Lisa left this world and entered into heaven. Her ministries continue today.

Never planning to retire, Robert currently studies Scripture and enjoys teaching the Bible every week. Robert enjoys outdoor activities, spending time with his wife Kathy, his children and grandchildren, and eating the spiciest of Mexican dishes. A verse which encourages his continual passion is Jeremiah 12:5 “If you have raced with men on foot, and they have wearied you, how will you compete with horses?”